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Wondering where do all these best job opportunities disappear? Cv Blaze is the answer for you! CV blaze is an exclusive Jobs clan service that makes employers look out for you while you are in search of them. By creating a global network between you and best of employers from India, CV Blaze can help you get a job a lot faster than your friends, batch mates and your colleagues can get and bring you into a world of opportunities. Go for our attractive CV Blaze package and get your resume in power mode by innumerable head hunters, consultants, prospective employers and top recruiters anywhere in India and Middle-Eastern countries!

Benefits of Cv Blaze

Your Job Search gets simple, faster and easier.

Send your resume to a dedicated list of Consultants and recruiters

Reach out to a huge number of consultants in India.

Internal References increase your chances of getting hired by 10 times

Customize your email to deliver just the right message for you.

Send your resume confidentially to ensure a secure job search experience.

If the referrer interviewing you is satisfied, your application will be internally referred which would significantly increase your chances of getting closer to the job.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cv Blaze an online platform connecting jobseeker with employees of 2,500+ companies. Jobseekers can search for relevant jobs on the platform and earn job referrals and internal employees can help them get recruited via their company's employee referral program.


Research shows that job referrals increase your chance of getting hired by ten times! And it makes sense - companies trust the judgment of their own employees.


Cv Blaze is a job referral platform that helps you get noticed by the HR of an organization by connecting you with the relevant person within the organization who can refer your profile.


The CV Blaze has a validity period of 3 months, during which you may interact with multiple referrers for job referral.